Kordel’s Arthrocare Cream

Pack Size
100g NET

Massage well into affected areas until cream disappears. Use every morning and night or when pain occurs, for a minimum of two weeks.

Glucosamine (5%), MSM (5%) in a base of Aloe Vera, Willow bark, Arnica, Wild Yam, Vitamin A, C & E
Description and Benefits

Kordel’s Arthrocare, a glucosamine and MSM cream, supports joint health and mobility in a convenient way. Glucosamine plays a key role in maintaining healthy joints, MSM supports the joints for flexibility and mobility, while Vitamins A, C and E provide additional antioxidant support. Kordel’s Arthrocare also contains herbs such as aloe vera, willow bark, arnica and wild yam that provides a soothing sensation when applied.

NOTE: Not recommended during pregnancy without prior medical advice. Glucosamine is derived from shellfish and may not be suitable for persons with known shellfish/seafood allergies.