Frequently Asked Questions


It is best to consult your attending physician before taking any supplements.


You can take Kordel’s Red Orange ComplexTM UV Shield that can produce up to 40% reduction in UV-induced skin (redness) and inhibit skin hyperpigmentation (solar spot), leading to a significant and noticeable improvement of skin health and appearance.


Evening Primrose Oil contains Omega-6 GLA which helps regulate inflammation in the body. It does not directly regulate menstruation but it helps relieve symptoms of Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) such as pain, swelling, headache, mood swings, etc.

Kordel’s offers EPO supplements such as Kordel’s Evening Primrose Oil 1000mg Vegetal capsules and Kordel’s Evening Primrose Oil 1000mg + Vitamin E200IU.


For Men: Supplements such as Kordel’s Vitality for Men give men nutrients that boost natural hormone production to support anabolic (metabolism) and androgenic (sexual) functions. It helps boost physical and mental energy, stamina, and endurance.

For Women: Kordel’s Complex B + C helps support nutritional needs, especially those with active physical lifestyle. It contains essential minerals for women, such as iron to help with oxygen circulation in the body.

For All: If you are looking for nutritional support for muscle health and increase muscle mass, you can take Kordel’s AstaReal® Astaxanthin 12mg which is clinically proven to provide increase in endurance and significantly improves muscle function.

If you are active in sports such as running, badminton, basketball, football, volleyball, or frequently lift heavy weights in the gym, Kordel’s Natural Eggshell Membrane with kd-pür® is essential for you. It contains essential protein nutrients that specifically target on maintaining joint functions and improve range of motion. It helps protect joints against wear and tear from strenuous physical activities.


Multivitamins consist of several vitamins intended for dietary supplement to daily nutrition.


There are so many different multivitamin formula available in the market, so choosing the right multivitamin will have to start with a self-assessment on your daily diet.

If your daily food intake is lacking in vegetables and seafoods, you can take supplements that are rich in minerals such as Kordel’s Organic Calcium. It contains Aquamin™, which consists of calcium, magnesium and 72 other trace minerals sourced from a unique red seaweed. It supports bone strength and many cellular functions in the body that require minerals.

If you seldom eat a variety of fruits, you can take vitamin supplements such as Kordel’s Ester-C® 1000mg, Kordel’s Vitamin B Complex + C, and/or Kordel’s Vitamin E 400IU.


A supplement that is essential for all age groups is Omega essential fatty acids. It is an important group of nutrients that supports healthy functions of vital organs in the body such as the brain, heart and eyes. You can choose from the wide range of fish oil supplements offered by Kordel’s such as Kordel’s rTG Omega 3 + Vitamin D, Hi-Omega 3 Wild Salmon and Fish Oils 1000mg, Kordel’s Hi-Omega 1500mg + Vitamin D. If you are a vegetarian or allergic to seafood, Kordel’s Ahiflower Seed Oil is the omega-rich supplement for you.

For children, Kordel’s Kid’s Vitamin C 250mg and Multivitamins with Lysine are the right nutritional support, especially during school days.

For teenagers, Kordel’s Ginkgo 750 with Brahmi helps support brain functions, which can help them during school days. For those experiencing the effects of puberty such as skin problems, Kordel’s Skin Clear would be helpful. It contains herbs and flower extracts that help cleanse the skin from within and promote good complexion and healing.


Difficulty in sleeping may be due to hormonal imbalance in the body. Kordel’s Super Sleep Aid contains the nutrient that supports a natural sleeping pattern and undisturbed sleep.


Kordel’s offers products that are 100% non-animal nutrients and do not contain excipients. Just look for the “Suitable for Vegetarian” logo found on the side of the box. vegetarian_logo


You can also purchase online through our official E-store or some online partners such as Shopee, Lazada, Qoo10 and GrabFood.


Joint supplements work in two ways: To help the body speed up the production of new cartilage to cover areas with damage, and/or to protect joints from degradation or wear and tear.

Joint supplements such as Glucosamine and Chondroitin help produce new cartilage and maintain the moisture of joints to prevent further cracking/damage. Kordel’s offer a wide range of Joint Care supplements for your specific joint issues:

Kordel’s Hyaluronic Acid has a powerful lubricating effect on joints and type II collagen proven to have clinical effects strengthening joint function.

Kordel’s Glucosamine 1500mg + Curcumin is a one-a-day dose of glucosamine to speed up regeneration of new cartilage. The added curcumin is a natural extract from turmeric plant and a powerful antioxidant that provides pain relief – suitable for those experiencing regular joint pain.

Kordel’s Glucosamine 300mg + Chondroitin + MSM contains a combination of important nutrients to regenerate new joints, maintain moisture, and to relieve pain and swelling of joint areas.

Kordel’s Glucosamine 750mg + Chondroitin is a convenient two-a-day dose suitable for individuals who experience joint stiffness and flexibility issues.

Kordel’s Natural Eggshell Membrane with kd-pür® is a nutritious source of specific proteins that target improving joint functions and range of motion. It strengthens and protects the joint from degeneration, suitable for individuals with active physical lifestyles. It serves as a proactive daily nutrition for your joints.


Nowadays, a plethora of health supplements are sold in retail shops and online, making it more difficult for consumers to determine which brands are worthy of their trust.

While this has become a burden to the consumers, there are brands that will always stand out because they have something that most other brands don’t – Heritage. The history and longevity of a brand says a lot about its commitment to high standards of safety and quality of the products that they sell and the genuine passion to make health a continuing priority for their consumers. Many brands attract customers with their frequent promotions and low prices, but most of them lack this important aspect.

Kordel’s started with a passion from Dr Lelord Kordel who pioneered programs for health through natural products and supplementation. This passion transformed into a brand that lives by this dedication: HEALTH THE EASY WAY since 1949.


The main objective of taking supplements is to gain nutritional support for your body so that it can maintain normal body functions and overall good health. In this way, your body is able to defend itself better against diseases and effects of ageing.

The time it takes to experience the effects of regular intake of health supplement varies depending on the health status of the individual, diet and specific supplements.